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During our travel to Gampaha, we were introduced to a few students who were struggling to complete their studies due to financial struggles within their homes. Among those children was a young boy named, Dananjaya, from Divulapitiya, who was a differently abled child with a lot of potential. His mother was the sole breadwinner of the family as she went out every day to sell betel by the streets nearby. He is the youngest, of two boys with his older brother completing his higher studies at the University of Jayawardanepura. Danajaya, is hearing impaired and is unable to speak, which makes it even harder for his mother to find the right education he requires. This has not stopped Dananjaya from thinking about his future, although the financial struggles do limit him from reaching them. During our conversation we were told that he was also an amazing painter, which made us think that maybe one day he will be an artist, if he was given the help he needed. 

On one of our travels to Gampaha, we were introduced to Krishmal from Dunagaha, who mentioned that he will be facing his Advance level examinations in 2019. He is the youngest of a family of three, with two older sisters who were married and had left their home. Since their departure, the family have been by their own with little to no help from the two girls in the family. Krishmal’s father finds labor work as and when available, and his mother goes out to sell betel by the streets near by every day. Amidst all these struggles, Krishmal thinks of a future where he will be able to head towards university one day. With the financial situation he was in, it became harder and harder for him to keep up with the expenses that came with his school requirements. Although with our introduction he now received a monthly allowance that helps him think of continuing his studies without worrying of what the future may hold. We hope to see him through his education process and help him reach his dreams one day. 

The Wadattha temple of the Puthlam, Anamadu area is home to 60 young priests many of whom have lost their parents and struggle financially to continue their studies. We reached out to them and took up the responsibility of becoming foster parents to them. We extend our contribution to the temple while making sure that these young priests continue their education. Playing the role of parents to the young priests we care for their basic needs and health to lead a comfortable life within the temple.

We were informed of a family that recently went through a loss. A little boy named Hashan and his mom who was unemployed were struggling financially with the fathers passing. We reached out to them, asking how we could help. The mother’s biggest concern was her child’s education because little Hashan was only in grade one then. We were more than happy to help him with his educational expenses. Hashan is now in grade two and we continue to help him carry on with his studies with the hope of one day seeing him going to university.

We were introduced to Divya a second year university student that continued her studies amidst many struggles. The second of three children survived from the earnings of her mother and brother who works in a glove manufacturing facility. Upon their father passing the elder brother and mother worked to make the best of their earning to help the two young girls continue their education. Living in a small house that was a small room serving the purpose of a bedroom and kitchen was what they all shared. She achieved three “A” grades and entered university, purchased a laptop on an installment plan that she pays from the bursary that she received and does her research with a prepaid internet plan which she uses at off-peak hours. Most often surviving with just one meal she did not complain about their struggles but knew that she had to continue their studies to escape them. We reached out to Divya offering financial aid to make sure they had a decent meal and required supplies to continue their studies as comfortable as possible.